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2020 - The year is 2020, and the United States is in the midst of a depression. Tessa Sharp, the heroine, and her father have invented a battery that just might be the key to lifting the country out of the economic tailspin that has left chaos in its wake. She learns quickly that not everyone welcomes the invention, when her father is killed and the battery prototype is stolen. The police, overwhelmed with a sky-high crime rate and having lost half their force to cutbacks, will do nothing. So she runs to the only person she knows who may be able to help.

Tessa had known Kevin Idle growing up. No one she knew was more gifted, but no one she knew was more useless either. He’d become a stereotypical loser in high school: stoner, smoker, petty thief; a boy with an A plus brain and a C minus average. He’d got into serious trouble with the law and was sent to military school by his father. He ended up joining the Navy and becoming a SEAL, but was expelled for smoking weed. He reluctantly takes on the role of Tessa’s protector, reluctantly because he has gangs of killers after him, as well.

The two go on the run, and are constantly beset by assassination attempts as they try to determine who is after her, and look for a way to reproduce the battery prototype.

Will they survive long enough to bring the critical new technology to fruition?
For Power or Love - Kerry Coleman’s choice is stark: marry Gregory Davenport and join the nation’s most celebrated family, become a billionaire and maybe someday first lady, or choose the man she loves, Gregory’s chauffeur Brad Armstrong. Kerry has no inkling that both men are living a lie; that her choice is not between power and love, but between good and evil.

“For Power or Love” is a love story at its heart, but it’s much more. It's a story of heroism, treachery and deception. It is tragic and funny by turns, and includes cliff hangers and unexpected twists.
For Power or Love 2 - Taking up where volume 1 left off, volume 2 of "For Power or Love" follows the comical and tragical exploits of Kerry and Josh as they run from the law that wants to imprison them and from the rich and corrupt Davenport brothers who want to kill them. Can Kerry and Josh get the truth out--a truth that would ruin the Davenports--or will the Davenports silence them forever?
Forbidden - Kyle Summers never imagined that inventing the world’s first viable quantum computer would lead to bankruptcy, betrayal and a desperate flight for his very life. Accused of terrorism against his country, he is pursued by federal agents and hunted by assassins bent on revenge for the bloody havoc unleashed by his computer. His only hope is the FBI agent sent to bring him to justice. Will her unshakeable faith that truth and justice will triumph over moral myopia lead to his salvation or his undoing?

Taylor Made Owens - What would happen to a child of great potential who suddenly loses everyone he loves and has no relatives to take him in? With no one to love him, no one to protect him, no one to guide him and no one to ease the pain, what would become of him?

Taylor Made Owens is the story of a boy, Bobby Owens, caught in this predicament. Blessed by nature with brilliance, athletic talent, humor and looks, and nurtured by caring, loving parents, the eight-year-old has no conception that life could be anything other than perfect. But in a flash, it’s all gone: family, house, home – everything. He moves in with his elderly grandmother, his only living relative, but she dies within a few years. Left to the foster care system, what becomes of him?

In the midst of all this misfortune he has a stroke of luck, though it doesn’t appear so at the time: he meets the Taylor family. Lisa Taylor, a social worker assigned his case after the 14-year-old breaks the law, realizes his potential and tries to help. Through her he meets the other central characters in the book: Jennifer Taylor, her 14-year-old niece, and Kristen Taylor, her 13-year-old daughter.

The book follows the often-stormy relationships he has with both girls over the next 16 years. Although the relationships are front-and-centre, the story touches on divers timeless questions about the meaning of life and death – God versus oblivion, good versus evil, nature versus nurture, fate versus chance, war versus peace, liberal versus conservative – through the exploration of everyday interactions between the protagonists and through several defining events in their lives. Ultimately, it is a story about the centrality of family to our lives, how lost and lonely we are without it and how important it is to get it back if we lose it. It should appeal to any reasonably intelligent reader who likes a well written, thought provoking, easy to read, fast-paced and interesting story. It’s a novel in the classical tradition, one where the story unfolds through the characters. It is a book that readers can savor; one that gets better and better as it goes because the readers come to care for the characters; one that they will want to read again sometime because it engages their deeper emotions and enduring preoccupations.

Thank Sophia for Sam - The concept of heroism has long since become debased, but there are still true heroes in the world who exhibit remarkable bravery and strength of character, who regularly put their lives on the line to save another human life, and who do so without recognition or exceptional reward. Medevac crews in Afghanistan are occasionally featured on a TV news report or in a newspaper article, but by and large are ignored by the mainstream media and by the public. But pay attention to those occasional reports and it becomes clear how special these people are. They fly through bullets and missiles, fog and dust, mountains and deserts to get to a casualty and then run through bullets and step across IEDs to get to the patient, and toil in 130 degree heat or a 10 below deep freeze to stabilize the patient and transport him back to the field hospital alive, which they do 95% of the time on average. It is an extraordinary group of men and women who have heretofore gone all but overlooked in fiction.

A modern-day MASH, “Thank Sophia for Sam” is the story of a medevac crew based in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. They are responsible for medical evacuation support for the most dangerous areas of the country, including the dreaded Korengal Valley. The mountainous terrain is perilous, the weather often making it more treacherous, and the likelihood that their red crosses will attract bullets and missiles is high. Yet, none of that stops them in their zeal to save lives, not only of soldiers, but of civilians and even enemy fighters. The story is fictional, but includes many rescues based on actual missions as reported by various media outlets.

Flight crew antics – some also based on true accounts of medevac units – and a love story serve to develop the characters and story between missions. The four-person crews work in close quarters with a great deal at stake and become very close. The two central characters are Samantha Hawkins, the co-pilot, and Daniel Beaton, the flight medic. He aggressively pursues her throughout his posting in country. The heartache that flight medics have to endure in this war is almost beyond belief; for Daniel, Samantha represents a crucial escape, counterbalancing the pervasive pain, death and horror with love, life and hope for the future. She, however, is forbidden to have a relationship with him because he is an enlisted man, and she falls in love with a flight surgeon. Daniel fights for her heart, mostly with a searing wit, but it is a losing battle.

To compound his problems, he develops diabetes during his second summer in Jalalabad, which, if the army finds out about it, will ruin his plans for the future. Added to Samantha’s consistent rejections and the enormous stress of the job, this overwhelms the young man. He suffers a breakdown and is sent home.

Once home with the war and the army behind them, they both have trouble adjusting to normal life, which is dull and frivolous by comparison. There the tables are turned, with Samantha pursuing Daniel, but Daniel wary of her. She needs him to help her settle back into normal life; he too needs her, but is afraid to trust her after a year and a half of rejection in Afghanistan.

Is there any hope they will end up together?

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